MFRC Macro Fibers Reinforced Concrete

MFRC Macro Type Fiber dispersed thoughout The Concrete matrix to minimize potential of cracks MFRC offer post crack performance at all depth of  Concrete no matter where the crack is developed The fiber count per unit volum of macro synthetic fiber by contrast provides uniform reinforcement throughout the concrete, from sub grade to surface For instance where the engineer increases the MFRC size beyond what is necessary for temperature and shirinkage reinforcing in order to improve the negative moment capacity ,MFRC Can still be used as a replacement to SFRC whit localized reinforced steel being added in negative moment region as needed.Generally the combination of MFRC with localized rebar, will provide a more economical design then increasing the size of the MFRC throughout the deck MFRC to replace temperature and skinkage reinforcement whit prescribed addition  rates and fiber characteristies SFRC is a suitable an economical replacement for welded Wire fabric steel fibers light rebar,and other secondary reinforcement used in concrete floors elevated composite metal Deck,soil,supported slabs,pavement and in thin,walled precast applications

 Technical Information MFRC

Physical Properties:

 Material : Polypropylene / Polyolefin

Tensile Strength :500Mpa

Modulus of Elasticity :4Gpa

Flash Point :580 ºc

Fiber Length :2″ , 3″ (50mm , 75mm)

Specific Gravity :.91gr/cm3


Water Absorption :None

Chemical Stability :None reactive

Alkali Resistance :Excellent

Acid Resistance :Excellent

Mildew Resistance :Excellent

 Direction for use in Concrete

MFRC-50 fiber can be added to concrete ranging from 2 to 9 kg/m3 concrete depending upon the application and mix design requirements. 

MFRC fibers can be manually added to the mixing unit once all other ingredients have been uniformly mixed. The fibers can also be added on to aggregates on a charging belt should be mixed for 3-5 minutes depending on the concrete mixture used and type of mixing equipment.

MFRC 70 fiber can be added to Shotcrete  ranging 6-12 kg/m3 concrete depending upon the application and mix design requirements.

Application MFRC

Structural rehabilitation – Shotcrete – Bridges – Composite steel floor deck – Off shore – Airport – Runways – stadiums – Dam spillway – Grand support and Stabilization – Rcc Concrete – Mining – TBM tunnel segment liner – Pools – Marine structure repair and rehabilitation – Manhole – Pipe – pier – Retaining walls and soil nailing – Canal – Lining large underground – Cavities – Residential slabs – Pavement – Drive ways industrial & commercial – Flooring – Transportation – Pre Cast – Chemical plants – ETC

Benefits MFRC :

Elasto Plastic Concrete

-         Reduces Segregation

-         Control Plastic Shrinkage Cracking better than mesh or Steel Fiber

-         Minimized bleed Water

-         Provides there – dimension plastic shrinkage control

-         Reduces Fiber rebound and increase build- up thickness

-         Excellent dispersion in concrete and shotcrete

-         Reduce Cracking

-         Increased Surface durability

-         Increased Fire resistance

-         Increased Impact

-         Increased Fatigue resistance

-         Reduced Permeability

-         Increased Flexural toughness

-         Longterm Flexural energy absorption

-         Resistance to earthquake Force – Live loads

-         Reduced equipment Wear and safer to use when compared to steel fiber

-         Corrosion resistant, non magnetic, non conductive structural reinforcement

-         Cost saving reduced in – place cost compared to welded wire mesh and steel fiber

-         Easy to use and can be added to the mixture at any time prior to placement.